Quelques réflexions d’un membre ….


What is the BWC all about
Well gather around and we’ll check this out!

Our year begins in the month of September.
The first Monday each month is a date to remember.
Preparations are made, an agenda is set
In a room full of women, silence is not easy to get!

Let’s celebrate birthdays and sing out of tune…
Stand up all you birthday gals in the room!

Conveners announce a month of good times
Breakfast Club, Movies
Mahjong, Book Club,
Bridge, Day trips and Out to Dine.

The month’s committee prepares an exhibition.
An announcement of the evening’s presentation.
It might be a guest with a topic so rare
Got a theme we have to share.

The evening’s finale is a table of fare,
A chance to mingle, so glad to be there.
Fill your mug with coffee or tea.
When our group gets together… you will see,
Our mandate is to have fun with the BWC.

– Joan L.